The Goal

Help client, at risk of losing his job, improve his leadership presence and approachability and emerge as a more trusted and valued leader.

The Situation

The client was perceived by many of his co-workers as intimidating and overbearing. We needed to find ways to ‘soften’ his leadership style in order to make him more likeable. We also needed to identify—and implement—better ways for the client to engage with his boss who was located several continents away.

The Strategy

We focused on four changes to ingratiate our client amongst his colleagues:

  • Demonstrate greater ownership of his role to engender confidence from his boss
  • Elicit input from colleagues to be more interactive, engaging, and inspire trust
  • Change his tone verbally and in emails to be more supportive and collaborative
  • Modify his approach in formal presentations, injecting humor whenever possible

The Outcome

In a few short months, client’s colleagues remarked at how much more enjoyable he was to work with, and his boss began relying on him to lead more of the business. Within a year, he was promoted to Corporate CFO for the Parent company.