The Goal

Help our client, a newly appointed Chief Talent Officer, transform a culture led by a leadership team with old-fashioned views about human capital management.

The Situation

The client was having a hard time ‘selling’ innovative ideas to her senior management team—an opinionated group that was resistant to change. Given her hard-charging personality, we needed to develop a strategy to present her ideas in a way that was not only easy to understand but also less threatening.

The Strategy

We helped our client with four key steps to ensure her success:

  • Build a plan to unfold the cultural transformation in phases so the changes would feel gradual
  • Prioritize initiatives based on the CEO’s greatest concerns to ensure ‘buy-in’ from key senior leaders
  • Develop a communication strategy linking the changes to goals for each business segment
  • Strengthen internal partnerships, rebuilding her team with A players

The Outcome

After one year on the job, the client received feedback from her boss, the CHRO, that she was an invaluable hire—someone who regularly exceeded his and the CEO’s expectations. She also became an integral member of the Global Executive Leadership team and an advisor to the CEO.