"There is a boundary-less aspect to Tammy's work. It's integrated and she goes deep. She understands that a hire is a reflection of the leader, so she puts herself in my shoes. Her coaching experience makes her a forward-looking search partner; beyond searching for a fit for the role, she works to understand and anticipate how the role might change over time. And now that I have used Tammy in multiple capacities and in multiple organizations, I can attest to how powerful that is."

Hy Pomerance
Hy Pomerance Head of HR Americas, QBE Insurance (and formerly Chief Talent Officer and SVP HR, New York Life)

"I selected TKJ Leadership as a search partner after a thorough comparison with other firms, and I was delighted with my choice for our Head of Talent. I have high expectations and they exceeded them because they made a challenging search seem easy. A key to their approach was the extensive amount of time they invested up front to understand me and my drivers, our Firm and our culture, and the reasons and motivations for our hiring decision. Then Tammy guided me in custom questions to ask each candidate, and she observed my interviews which helped me refine my approach and confirm my selection. She redefined for me the concept of partnership."

Jennifer Stier
Jennifer Stier COO, Highfields Capital Management

“Tammy is a leadership coach of choice for our company. What I most value is her directness and her ability to force her clients to face the truth about how they impact others and the behavior changes that will ensure their success. She has the intelligence and experience to quickly help someone put their best foot forward. I trust her to deliver."

NJ Pesci
NJ Pesci SVP HR, Scripps Interactive

“I hired Tammy to coach senior leaders because of her style and track record for making an impact. She is direct, firm yet sensitive, genuine and “all-in”. I can rely on Tammy to identify quick wins to help executives become better faster. She has an attention to nuance, good instincts about people and cultures, great ideas, and the courage to help others implement them."

Fiona Erskine-Smith
Fiona Erskine-Smith former Director of Executive Development, BlackRock

"TKJ Leadership is our recruiter of choice. They find solutions to some of our more complex hiring needs, and their placements deliver high impact. What I most value is their approach as thoughtful partners -- we always know the search progress, what makes each candidate compelling, and what we need to explore and emphasize in each interview conversation. I have complete trust in Tammy’s instincts and counsel."

Susan Grimbilas
Susan Grimbilas Partner and Managing Director, Head of HR and Operations for North America, The Boston Consulting Group

"TKJ Leadership exceeded our expectations, a rarity from an executive search firm. We met our first candidates in week three and selected our finalists in week six. The quality and caliber of each candidate made the vetting process positively challenging; fortunately, the TKJ team’s candid and collaborative input helped make this easier. A pleasant surprise was the unsolicited positive feedback from the candidates about their experience with TKJ -- a positive reflection on our company. I would partner with TKJ again in a heartbeat."

Kevin Doran
Kevin Doran Senior HR and Communications Leader, PQ Corporation

“Years ago, I hired Tammy for help with the way I presented my ideas and interacted with my colleagues. During our first meeting, in short order, Tammy provided a range of valuable insights which led me to change some of my work habits and approaches – these changes have been the basis for my continued career progression, with promotions into broader roles.”

Herbert Parker
Herbert Parker EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Harman International

"I have hired Tammy many times as a recruiter and as a coach. As a recruiter, she is thoughtful, creative, and delivers results quickly. As a coach, she helped the CEO in one of my previous companies become aware of the consequences of his behavior --and, together, they made some critical and high impact adjustments. Tammy is the real deal and a great partner."

Michael Bruno
Michael Bruno Former SVP HR IAC, Buddy Media and Rodale

"Tammy understands me in a way I never would have expected from a search partner. She helped me hire a Head of HR years ago when I ran a media business and that hire was such a perfect fit as my business partner that I have taken her with me to several new businesses. Creating a match like this is a rare feat for a recruiter."

Kerry Hatch
Kerry Hatch Former COO, Global Client Services, Axciom

"What makes Tammy different is her ability to unlock the truth. She is direct, insightful, and quickly gets to the heart of the challenge to help individuals and teams create a step change in performance. Her ability to navigate complex political environments, engage with big personalities, and maintain an objective point of view was paramount for helping me truly transform as a leader. She has a contemporary pulse on how organizations and leadership models are rapidly evolving."

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer Global Advertising Agency

“TKJ Leadership takes a uniquely thoughtful approach to finding the best person, not only for a position but also as a match for our organization and culture. To be able to collaborate on the important nuances makes all the difference. They are highly intuitive, deliberative and thorough, and they are authentic partners with their clients.”

Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox Manager, Talent Management, L.L. Bean

“TKJ Leadership gets the job done every time in an efficient manner. They quickly understand the nuance of situations, and they get the chemistry fit. Their team has open and honest styles and they connect well with candidates, making them great ambassadors for our company.”

Ellen Shedlarz
Ellen Shedlarz former SVP HR Ziff Brothers Investments and former Chief Operations Officer, Global Talent Management Group, Morgan Stanley

“My work with Tammy began when I needed to change my approach to fit better into my firm’s culture. I found Tammy to be direct, fully committed to my success, genuine in her approach, and sensitive to the personalities and team dynamics around me. I quickly became aware of my impact on others and strategies for changing that. After nine months, I earned a promotion and am advancing on the next track with greater confidence and clarity for how to operate as a leader. Tammy is my confidante and never sugar coats what I need to stop and start doing.”

Principal New York City-based private equity firm

“We hire TKJ Leadership because they introduce highly qualified candidates in a quick timeframe and we always feel like true partners in their process. They take the time to understand our business so they can really pinpoint the need, and they are invaluable for broadening our talent ranks with hires from new industries. Their approach is creative and out of the box. They can meet the demands of any search we put before them, regardless of function.”

Lori Massad
Lori Massad SVP Human Resources and Chief Talent Officer, Alliance Bernstein

Working with Tammy can be life-changing. I hired her on numerous instances to coach my team and she helped them become better leaders and team members, even under the toughest circumstances. When I later hired her to coach me through my own career transition, I found her counsel to be grounding, focused, and spot on. She helped me stay true to my values and reminded me of why and how I have excelled throughout my career. Her support is invaluable, especially because she is a delight and energizing to be around.”

Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer Financial Services Company