Unlocking Potential

We bridge the gap between good leaders and great ones.

We remove the barriers that stand in the way of individuals performing at their absolute best.

That’s a fancy way of saying: we get people comfortable operating outside of their comfort zone, which is what it takes to enhance their impact, empower their teams, instill confidence, and be inspiring to others.

As a result, these newly inspired leaders are able to capture the hearts and minds of those around them in order to push businesses forward and achieve extraordinary results.

Most Frequent Coaching Scenarios

Succession Planning: Enhance leadership skills to earn a promotion

Perception Management: Change behaviors to strengthen reputation in the organization

Women’s Leadership Programs: Provide customized counsel for women leaders to succeed

Onboarding: Ensure focus on key priorities and relationships in new job

Outplacement/Career Coaching: Guide and advise senior leaders in their career transitions


    Improved Communication
  • Be concise
  • Frame topics
  • Manage tone and body language
  • Influence diverse audiences
  • Deliver captivating presentations
    Enhanced Gravitas and Executive Presence
  • Gain confidence
  • Own your seat at the table
  • Find your voice
  • Command respect
    Demonstrated Strategic Thinking
  • Consider full company impact
  • Present high level ideas
  • Rise above the details
  • Conduct intelligent inquiry
  • Inspire new thinking
    Motivated and Inspired Teams
  • Practice distributed leadership
  • Be transparent
  • Operate with authenticy
  • Demonstrate care and concern
    Enhanced EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Build awareness of consequences from low and high EQ behavior
  • Develop productive behaviors
    Managing Conflict
  • Understand perceptions of others
  • Acknowledge differences
  • Develop new influencing strategies


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“Tammy is a leadership coach of choice for our company. What I most value is her directness and her ability to force her clients to face the truth about how they impact others and the behavior changes that will ensure their success. She has the intelligence and experience to quickly help someone put their best foot forward. I trust her to deliver."

NJ Pesci
NJ Pesci SVP HR, Scripps Interactive

“Years ago, I hired Tammy for help with the way I presented my ideas and interacted with my colleagues. During our first meeting, in short order, Tammy provided a range of valuable insights which led me to change some of my work habits and approaches – these changes have been the basis for my continued career progression, with promotions into broader roles.”

Herbert Parker
Herbert Parker EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Harman International

"What makes Tammy different is her ability to unlock the truth. She is direct, insightful, and quickly gets to the heart of the challenge to help individuals and teams create a step change in performance. Her ability to navigate complex political environments, engage with big personalities, and maintain an objective point of view was paramount for helping me truly transform as a leader. She has a contemporary pulse on how organizations and leadership models are rapidly evolving."

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer Global Advertising Agency

“My work with Tammy began when I needed to change my approach to fit better into my firm’s culture. I found Tammy to be direct, fully committed to my success, genuine in her approach, and sensitive to the personalities and team dynamics around me. I quickly became aware of my impact on others and strategies for changing that. After nine months, I earned a promotion and am advancing on the next track with greater confidence and clarity for how to operate as a leader. Tammy is my confidante and never sugar coats what I need to stop and start doing.”

Principal New York City-based private equity firm

Working with Tammy can be life-changing. I hired her on numerous instances to coach my team and she helped them become better leaders and team members, even under the toughest circumstances. When I later hired her to coach me through my own career transition, I found her counsel to be grounding, focused, and spot on. She helped me stay true to my values and reminded me of why and how I have excelled throughout my career. Her support is invaluable, especially because she is a delight and energizing to be around.”

Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer Financial Services Company

“I hired Tammy to coach senior leaders because of her style and track record for making an impact. She is direct, firm yet sensitive, genuine and “all-in”. I can rely on Tammy to identify quick wins to help executives become better faster. She has an attention to nuance, good instincts about people and cultures, great ideas, and the courage to help others implement them."

Fiona Erskine-Smith
Fiona Erskine-Smith former Director of Executive Development, BlackRock

Some of our clients

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  • New York Life
  • General Electric
  • BlackRock
  • Scripps Networks Interactive
  • Citi Group